Thursday, 10 February 2011

Bridezilla and knitting

So Luke and I are getting married this year. We're looking at a September wedding. I've had so many ideas, that my brain is about to overload and it's turning me into Bridezilla. I also had the crazy idea that I would knit my bouquet, corsages and boutonnieres. However, not being a floral designer, my vague ideas are not really coming into fruition.
I thought that starting a blog would allow me to jot my ideas down and get a better view of the progress I'm making. I would like to incorporate peonies, as I really like them and they also happen to symbolise rebirth for the Chinese. I also want thistles, as Luke is half-Scottish. I also like roses and lotus flowers.
I can't visualise the bouquet and wonder if I should ask the florist to design one for me, which I could use as the design for the knitted bouquet and have the real flowers as the throwing bouquet...

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