Monday, 28 February 2011

Menu Tasting

Just got back from the menu tasting and have come away with a full tummy, an agreed menu and a large dose of bridezilla. FoB has differing ideas of wedding etiquette and is much more traditional. This has led to me to getting all GRRRR. 

I hate being bridezilla, but I find myself stomping my feet and whining because I actually want an intimate wedding without bottles of cola and beer cans on the table. Am I being unreasonable? I can't tell any more.

I also seem to be very forgetful nowadays - dates, times, people. But this seems to be contagious, as H2B, CB and FoB have all forgotten invitations and meetings! I hope we'll remember the date for the wedding and get there on time!

On a more positive note, we tasted a lot of scrummy food at the Prince Regent. Not sure if our photography skills do the food justice, but here goes.

Chicken Liver Parfait with red onion marmalade and Melba toast 
Nice, but as usual with these kind of dishes, too much parfait, not enough toast. The marmalade was delish!

Prawn and Crayfish Salad with dill & creme fraiche - WINNER
Beautifully presented. Light, lemony, very tasty!

Blue Cheese and Red Onion Tartlet with a balsamic oil dressed leaf salad - WINNER (veggie)
Absolutely gorgeous! Deep in flavours, not too heavy. Nicely balanced with the salad, and looked good too.

Wild Mushroom enhanced with fresh garden basil and cream
Looked yuck but tasted quite nice, if a little bland.

Asparagus and Parma Ham
Looked great, but really disappointing. This was specially requested for Luke. But we expected the asparagus to be grilled, not blanched and served cold. They did bring it to us warm, but it was still just blanched and didn't really taste nice.
Breast of Chicken with a mushroom and tarragon sauce - WINNER
Crispy skin, tangy tarragon flavour in the sauce and tender meat.

Roast Rack of Lamb with a port, thyme and red currant jus
Lush. CB, H2B, FoB and I all loved this dish. Looked much nicer IRL and tasted nom nom nom! Unfortunately, a number of our guests won't eat lamb :'(

Fillet of Beef Wellington with Madeira sauce
Looked terrible and the meat was really overcooked and dry :P

Saddle of Lamb with a port and redcurrant jus
Quite lamby tasting but quite nice.

Fillet of Salmon with a pesto and Proven├žale sauce
Overcooked, the Proven├žale sauce was just some warmed up canned tomatoes :P  Look at the poor presentation, but a nice wedge of salmon.

Wild Mushroom risotto
Bland bland bland. We'll have to look into another Veggie main as we can't serve this!

Mango Mascarpone Cheesecake on a raspberry coulis - WINNER
Light, fruity, creamy. Nice way to finish the meal.

Profiteroles with hot chocolate sauce
Gorgeous pastry, not too chocolatey sauce. H2B thought that the cream was too warm - I think he wanted the cream to be ice cold, but the rest of us thought it was nice.

Traditional Tiramisu scented with Madeira
H2B is not a fan of coffee desserts, but he loved this. I like this interpretation of tiramisu, though I would not have called it traditional, as there wasn't enough sponge or Madeira. Nor did it look traditional.

Chocolate Truffle Torte with a raspberry coulis
Very tasty, but pastry was a bit stodge. Not the best dessert to end the meal. Looks boring.

Apple Tart Tatin served with clotted cream
FoB and CB's favourite, but I wasn't a big fan. It was nice, but would have been better with ice cream and didn't look great.

So there you go, we've pretty much decided on the menu. We'll be putting our deposit down this week(!) and that means we can concentrate on the guest list and order things and book people! :)

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