Thursday, 10 February 2011

More ideas

Have decided I will try to make my own cake toppers, so spent a CONSIDERABLE amount of time in John Lewis' Haberdashery and Craft department. Was only meant to get fimo, but also ended up getting some ribbons and wool to make a ring pillow.
I also found some cute heart pegs and a little sign to put on the wishing well, which reminds me that I need to send pics of the wishing well designs to Roma to send to Ron to make. How exciting!
Last night, I also had the idea of making the table centrepieces with Lucky Bamboo - maybe something like this:

but I also like these:

Also, today I found another vendor who sells the dress that I want, albeit in blue, but I'm sure that she can make it in red. She also had some other beautiful clothes, will peruse a little, whilst I'm having my dinner (waldorf salad from JL).
I'm hoping to book the venue today, but needs some more info from people RE drinks, number of guests etc...

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