Thursday, 24 February 2011


Haven't updated for a while, so here goes...

Knitted Ring Pillow
I changed the background yarn, to Cascade 220, which is much firmer than Rowan Kid Classic. I also decided to use just shades of purple in the knit.

Bridesmaid Dress
I found the infinity dress, which all the girls like in principle. The fabulous Chief Bridesmaid has organised for us to try the dress at Two Birds next Saturday!

I'm doing a Jewellery making course at Beadworks on Sunday. Then I'll have a better idea of what to do.

We shall be having the wedding cake competition, where each Beacon will bake a layer, which will be judged on the Big Day. Miss Cake Dresser has been collecting more info, which is fairly basic from H2B and myself. I've decided to leave it up to Miss Cake Dresser et al to make the main cake design.

Measurements have been taken and sent to the dressmaker. Waiting to hear back whether it can be made with the materials that I want.

Menu tasting at the Prince Regent has been arranged for next Monday. All going well, we'll be booking it!!

Table Centrepieces
H2B and I like the idea of using lavender plants as the centrepieces, as they fit the colour scheme and will smell lovely. Am thinking that we'll use terracotta pots or similar and wrap them with twine. Then using the Wuthering Heights buttons from The Button Company, we'll make the table numbers.

Wedding Favours
Flowering tea + shortbread + kraft boxes

Found a great website, which has given me some inspiration, called The Flirty Guide.

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