Wednesday, 30 March 2011

All Quiet on the Blogging Front (No Longer!)

Hurray! Work deadline has been met, which means I have a bit more of a life! Knitting of bouquet was put on hold as I was hoping to find more yarns at the Stitch & Craft Show. I did, but I have to admit that I was rather disappointed - I only managed to buy a couple of things from my (wedding stuff) list and yet somehow still managed to spend A LOT of money! I got some more yarn and patterns for the bouquet.

The most fun things I bought were some BIG knitting needles and yarn made from upcycled cashmere throws, to make a sofa throw:

I can't wait to work on this and I thought H2B might be interested in having a go.

The wedding bubbles have arrived and I've decorated the basket to hold them. Just got to finish making the sign to put next to them.

Chair Sashes
Recently, I have been looking into chair sashes - most companies are charging around £3.50 per chair cover + sash - hire, setup and take down. This is working out at about £250 for us. A lot of money. I've shopped around  online (what did people do before the interwebs?) and have found a couple of vendors, who sell chair sashes at 99p or less each. This is a much cheaper option, but will require Matt and his team at PR to dress the chairs. Otherwise, Team Wedding will be doing this on the Friday morning.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Sakura, Stags and Hens

I created some table confetti using a sakura punch and some pearlised paper:

Not wasting, I've folded the paper in such a way that we can get 6 pieces per sheet and make them into shades for tealights. I'm taking the sheets to Work and I'll use the industrial guillotine to cut them nicely.

BM, H2B and I met up for a few beers and a curry. Aside from general catchup and giggles, BM has started making plans for the Stag dos - yes, more than one as they're worried that FoB may be offended by some of the guests behaviour! Am envious as they were talking about golf and clay pigeon shooting. Personally, I'd love to do something similar, perhaps paintballing or cross country driving... course I'm not allowed to know what's happening on my hen >.<

I've been doing some work on invitations. I'm debating on designing my own e-invitations/website. We shall see...

Knitted Bouquet and Centrepieces

I've been working on the flowers for my bouquet. I've got a rough idea of what I'd like, here are a couple of examples:

So I'm making a few flowers and leaves so I have more flexibility with the arrangements. Here are a few that I've made and some that are in progress:

I'm not making anymore at the mo, as I'm waiting for this weekend, when I'll go to The Stitch & Craft Show. I'm sure I'll find some more shades and yarns to work with. I've been thinking of using some beads on the flowers, so will be on the hunt for more beads too!

Other things I've been working on
Centrepieces - a non-floral idea that we like is to fill some hurricane, cylindal or bubble vases with granny smiths, water and some purple flowers such as Callistephus:

We also thought that we could reverse the arrangements with plums and green flowers, such as Kermit chrysanthemums:

Here are a couple of examples of what we're envisaging:

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Infinity Dresses and Tiara WIP

BM Dresses
Last Saturday BMs, CB and I went to Two Birds off Portabello Road to try the infinity dresses. Think we'll go for the aubergine colour, knee length, but probably not with 2Birds, as is twice as expensive as Dessy. However, we can't try a Dessy....

Started on my tiara a couple of nights ago, here are a couple pics of it so far:

It's a freeform tiara made of various Swarovski crystals in Light Siam and some random glass beads. I also have some purple and green beads/crystals for some hairpins for the BMs:

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Guest List and Seating

Having worried and stressed myself out of many a sleepless night, we have finally got a more managable guest list of approx 76 people, with the evening to still be decided.

We also had a dilemma of H2B's bio father vs  stepfather on the top table, but we simply solved this by having no top table and creating a seating plan with 2 additional seats on each table. So H2B and I can sit and dine with our guests at their tables. For example, if we have 9 tables, with 8 guests per table (cos 8 is lucky):
image courtesy of
We still need to do the maths to see how much time we spend per table. But we're happy with this arrangement as it means we get to spend some quality time with all our guests!

We've also decided to give each table either all purple or all green chair sashes. The two additional seats will be in the other colour; i.e. a table has green chair sashes, so the 2 additional seats have purple sashes.