Wednesday, 30 March 2011

All Quiet on the Blogging Front (No Longer!)

Hurray! Work deadline has been met, which means I have a bit more of a life! Knitting of bouquet was put on hold as I was hoping to find more yarns at the Stitch & Craft Show. I did, but I have to admit that I was rather disappointed - I only managed to buy a couple of things from my (wedding stuff) list and yet somehow still managed to spend A LOT of money! I got some more yarn and patterns for the bouquet.

The most fun things I bought were some BIG knitting needles and yarn made from upcycled cashmere throws, to make a sofa throw:

I can't wait to work on this and I thought H2B might be interested in having a go.

The wedding bubbles have arrived and I've decorated the basket to hold them. Just got to finish making the sign to put next to them.

Chair Sashes
Recently, I have been looking into chair sashes - most companies are charging around £3.50 per chair cover + sash - hire, setup and take down. This is working out at about £250 for us. A lot of money. I've shopped around  online (what did people do before the interwebs?) and have found a couple of vendors, who sell chair sashes at 99p or less each. This is a much cheaper option, but will require Matt and his team at PR to dress the chairs. Otherwise, Team Wedding will be doing this on the Friday morning.

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