Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Guest List and Seating

Having worried and stressed myself out of many a sleepless night, we have finally got a more managable guest list of approx 76 people, with the evening to still be decided.

We also had a dilemma of H2B's bio father vs  stepfather on the top table, but we simply solved this by having no top table and creating a seating plan with 2 additional seats on each table. So H2B and I can sit and dine with our guests at their tables. For example, if we have 9 tables, with 8 guests per table (cos 8 is lucky):
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We still need to do the maths to see how much time we spend per table. But we're happy with this arrangement as it means we get to spend some quality time with all our guests!

We've also decided to give each table either all purple or all green chair sashes. The two additional seats will be in the other colour; i.e. a table has green chair sashes, so the 2 additional seats have purple sashes.

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