Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Bridal Make-up... EXTREME Trial 1

Today, I thought I'd be good and go to the gym after work, forgetting that this lunchtime I had booked a make-up trial with a Laura Mercier make-up artist called Beccy. I had the make-up trial but wondered whether or not to keep the make-up on during my workout and see how the make-up would fair. After consulting my 'fetti ladies, I went for it...

The Application
For the base, Beccy only used a primer, tinted moisturiser and a few dots of concealer. Since I haven't caught much sun yet, she added a dusting of bronzer then setting powder. She said I didn't need a foundation or eye concealer. Quite nice to know that a professional thinks I have good, even skin :)

Blusher next. First we tried a subtle blusher, but after we started the eyes, Beccy decided to use a darker blush called Winter Bloom.

Next, Beccy penciled my eyebrows and advised some reshaping to be done on my left brow to make them look even. I can see what she means, so I will be booking a threading appointment tomorrow.

We decided to try a smoky eye, as it's not a look I usually wear. Beccy started with an eye primer in Flax, followed by a cake eyeliner close to my lashes. Next Beccy blended some kohl in Brown Copper on my lids. On top of this, she used a three eyeshadows: Tigers Eye, Stellar and Black Plum. It was interesting to see her working and just how many brushes were used.

Beccy finished with a lick of mascara and a lipstick called Fresh Brown. Here are a couple of pics I took after I got back from work and had my lunch. Note that the lipstick had faded as I'd eaten:

I could barely feel the make-up. I definitely wasn't caked in the stuff. I love the look and how it feels. Thanks Beccy ;)

Now, just so you know, I sometimes slip my shoes off when at my desk. I also keep a spare pair of flat shoes under my desk.... In my rush to get to get the usher presents before the gym, I quickly put on my shoes and ran out of the office. When I got to the gym, I realised I'd taken one of each shoe! Doh!

Here is a pic of me just before I get into the gym and about five hours after the make-up was applied:

You can see that the shadow is ever so slightly more on my bottom lids now.

T+6hrs (and my workout)
Despite me being a bit sweaty, the make-up seems to have mostly stayed put. Here is a pic of me looking rather dazed - my legs were rather wobbly from all the leg exercise drills I did tonight:

T+6.5hrs (and a Sauna session)
I decided to warm down in the sauna to stop my legs from going into shock. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, so thought I'd take another pic to show how I looked after the sauna:

The phrases 'very sweaty' and 'panda eyes' come to mind. You can see I'm tired, as my eyes have really creased.

The make-up has to last about 9 hours on the day. It lasted 6 hours with a gym workout, without any touch up. So I conclude that Laura Mercier products are really good.

Beccy is a great make-up artist, if she wasn't really out of budget, I'd have gone with her to do my make-up on the day. I'm not sure if I will use this look for the wedding, but would definitely wear this look again.

That said, I feel more confident that I could do my own make-up on the BIG Day. I just need the right make-up, tools and a lot of practice!

I look forward to my next make-up trial, though I'm not sure if it'll be as extreme in testing as this one!

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