Monday, 23 May 2011

Bridal Make-up Trials 2-4

I've done a couple of make-up trials in the past few weeks. Here are the results...

Trial 2
After the success of the first (extreme) trial, I decided to experiment with the make-up I already have.  For the Eurovision Party,  I used Urban Decay Sin primer on my right eye before applying Benefit eye shadow on both eyes. The thing I've noticed is that whilst make-up can look nice IRL, it can look v different when photographed. This make-up looks really pale in the photo, but looked quite bright IRL.

Trial 3
I had a mini-trial at MAC, but it was during the Carnaby Event, so it was super busy. I wasn't that keen on the first colours she chose - gold and peach. The second colourway was more brown and gold. Please excuse the quality, my mum is not very good with cameras ;)

Pic I took before dinner

Mum's aim is a bit off

Mum still can't hold the cam still

Mum had me laughing like a nutter just before the waiter came with our food 
Pic I took after dinner
I bought some brushes, waterproof eyeliner (essential for those teary moments!) and the brown eyeshadow. 

Trial 4
For this trial, I used my own make-up, including: Chanel foundation, Urban Decay primer & blusher, Dior bronzer, Anastasia brow powder, Givenchy mascara, MAC eyeliner. I need to work on the shadow shaping - I prefer the other looks, but I think that this way accentuates my eye shape.

Start of the day

End of the day
Even with the UD All nighter spray, the liner has started to show on my lower lids. May need to experiment further with liners.

I'm still loving the Laura Mercier colours, so may ask BM E to buy some for me when she's in NY - though she already has a long shopping list from me!

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  1. I much prefer the trials you did yourself; obviously you know your face better than anyone! I need to start having some soon!