Saturday, 14 May 2011

Delightful Packages

Have been quite busy ordering things online. Today, I had several deliveries :)

From Handy Hippo, I bought some crystals, pearls and findings and some more heart pegs. The pegs are for the placecards and the beads and crystals are to make another hair comb (and also general jewellery stuff).

I haven't decided on how I'll wear my hair, so I'm not sure what kind of hair decoration(s) to have. I'm making some options to play around with at the hair trial. Hence also buying this flower from eBay.

The washi tape I ordered from Happy Tape is just what I wanted. 

In case you don't know what washi tape is, it is masking tape with Japanese paper prints.  Here are some lovely ideas from around the interwebs:

The hair flowers for the BMs also arrived today. I'm really happy with them. I wish I'd ordered a couple extra for me! Will be bringing them to tonight's Eurovision party, with the Dessy dress that arrived last week.

Last package - the RSVPs arrived. I'm V happy with them. No detail pic, as waiting for H2B to see them and for the invitations arrive.

I've moved a massive box of decorations and favours for the wedding to my parents - flat has been overrun with wedding paraphernalia - so this will give us our flat back!

I'm currently knitting a Chrysanthemum for my bouquet in 4-ply. I have been using DK mostly, but really liked this shade of purple. Yellow flower in book in the top RH corner of pic below is how it should look like when it's finished.

Still not sure what the bouquet will look like, but like the hair decorations, I need a few pieces to play around with. Was thinking I have time, but just realised it's 111 days til the wedding... that means less than 100 days to finish the bouquet! Eeeek!

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