Monday, 2 May 2011

Two steps forward...

Some progress made this weekend, with a step or two back.

I've been looking at wedding hair and trying to decide whether or not to wear a veil. I've not progressed the tiara but I made a few more hair pins - as I wanted to have alternatives for the hair trial. I'll still have time to finish them after the trial.

I experimented with some hairstyles whilst H2B was out, and discovered that my hair isn't quite long enough for hair pins. I'm going to buy some kirby grips this week so I can make some pins that are more likely to stay in my hair.

H2B and I dropped off our charity donations on Saturday. The apartment looks a lot clearer :)

Yesterday, I was going to visit my SIL2B, but slipped on water that H2B left on the floor, when he rushed out of the bathroom after his shower, and hurt my knees and wrists :( It was frustrating because I couldn't move - couldn't finish the declutter, couldn't get a glass of water, couldn't do anything without it it hurting :(

My knees are much better now, but I found a bruise on my wrist. Please excuse the view of my nostrils!

H2B has promised that he'll make it up to me. A good start will be to remember to wipe up excess water left on the floor!

Today, I started the ironing, but we've run out of storage space, despite the decluttering. So I had to stop. Shame. Instead, I started working on re-designing the bedroom - we've been talking about re-doing it for a while. I had a look at a few items from Ikea, Fishpools (where I got some of the current furniture) and Muji. H2B is going to speak to his chippy mates to see if they have a cheaper and/or better alternative.

I also continued with the knitting projects for the wedding. I sewed up a flower and made a few more leaves. I've made a lot of progress with my bolero. I started it last weekend, but had to restart it, as I'd spotted too many mistakes. So, I've nearly finished it, but am now having to frog the last three rows as I got far too into making the lace rib.

The favour boxes arrived from Bagnboxman - just what we wanted. The ampersand and tree arrived from The Decoplace. The ampersand is thinner than the letters we have, so not sure what I'm going to do with them yet. I'm really not happy with the tree. I was going to use it to hang the wedding wishes, but I think it looks creepy and from this angle, it's flipping the bird:

I'm not sure what else we'll use, if we'll use anything. We're going to have a think about it. On a more positive note, I also ordered some Washi tape to decorate the table settings from Happy Tape.

After the first make-up trial, BM E suggested that we do another trial together at Space.NK. Am quite looking forward to it!

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