Monday, 6 June 2011

Construction of the paper variety

I've started to put my invitation packs together. When I was ordering the stationery, I felt it an unnecessary expense to order printed envelopes, but now that I'm having to write them all by hand, I'm wishing I'd at least got some labels! Though, now I remember the other reason for not ordering them is cos the RSVPs will go to me, my parents or my PIL2B, depending on who's doing the inviting.

I was going to make stationery wraps for the packs out of washi tape, but I think that's too fiddly and won't hold the packs that neatly together, since the fung bao and RSVPs dimensions are not in the same ratio as the invitation.

Since washi tape is essentially masking tape, the glue isn't super sticky, so I've just used the tape to hold all the inserts together. Here are a few pics:
The front of the invitations
The pack
washi washi

fung bao

Got some stamps today, but in relax mode, so will be doing the packs over the coming days :)

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