Monday, 11 July 2011

Jewellery Mock-Ups

I've been thinking about what to wear instead of my watch. I have an obvious tanline, so have to wear something on my wrist. None of my watches are suitable - one is a day watch, one is a Swatch and the other is a dress watch, but not in my colour scheme.

I had a look for new watches, but don't really want to spend more money on something that I probably won't use again. I remembered that I'd bought a lot of red crystals so thought I'd mock up a bracelet. I also made a pair of earrings. They only took me a couple of hours, so quite pleased with the speediness :)

I'm not keen on the earrings at all, but I think that the bracelet might work. I think I'll add more to it....

Just finished, sitting on my board
Bracelet on

Earrings on

Monday, 4 July 2011

More packages!

I've been rather quiet recently, as we haven't had anything new to report for a while. I've ordered a few things and this past week I have taken delivery of several packages. A bit lightweight on pics in this post, as either the item is a surprise, I've not had a chance to clicky or I've been asked not to post the pic.

The first package is from TipTopWeddingShop, which is a partial delivery with the lettering for the groomsmen's presents. I worked with H2B on getting the measurements correct and set to work with my iron. I do have a pic, but want to keep it as a surprise for the groomsmen. Unfortunately, I'm missing one usher, so will be placing another order once TipTop have sorted the missing item.
We had delivery of all but 1 of the BM dresses, which have now changed from the Dessy twist dress, to a nice frock from Next. No *real* pics, BMs have asked for me not to post any; but here is a pic from the website:

I had some sneakers customised, you may remember these from one of my earlier posts. I will be wearing them when my feet get too tired on the BIG day and the honeymoon :) No pic cos I haven't had a chance to take one!
My hair vine from Glitzy Secrets arrived :D No pic, as H2B wants it to be a surprise.... talking of H2B and surprises, he went with his BM to Highland Store to get fitted for his kilt :) I wanted to go, but he wants to surprise me with his outfit! H2B and I spent a couple of hours making some of the paper lantern decorations. I have a multiple paper cuts on my right finger :(
I ordered a couple of dresses from Limb Clothing, one of which I was planning to wear to my cousin David and Ellie's wedding. Sadly they don't fit :'( The hunt for a suitable wedding guest dress continues... which reminds me of the topic of suitable colours for guest outfits, which came up in conversation a while back on Fetti. Personally, I would not wear white to a wedding unless specifically asked by the bridal party. There are plenty of other colours to choose from. I think that a white background dress with coloured foreground and/or accessories is acceptable. As for our wedding, well I'm wearing an ivory dress AND a red dress, so that knocks out two colours, but still think that there's plenty of other colours my guests can wear :)

We paid off our honeymoon this month! Am so excited!

Today I bought H2B's wedding ring. Unfortunately, it's too small - I have been bugging him to get sized, but he's been rubbish. He tried on one of my chunky rings and said it fitted, so I bought his ring, based my ring's size. Don't know how he got my ring to fit him, as this one really didn't fit! Will have to take it back to the shop :(

Anyway, the final wedding thing for this week is that I've finally got round to ordering the Reception cards! They should be arriving in a couple of weeks :)