Friday, 30 March 2012

Mother's Day and Stitch & Craft

This Mother's day, I took my Mum to the Stitch and Craft show at Olympia. There was an exhibition of quilts donated for each of the participating countries in the Olympics and Paralympics. There were also a pennant for each sportsperson. The work was amazing! Here are some examples:
say cheese!

close up of the above

zooming out a bit

zoom zoom zoom

ahhhh, pretty

had to have a purple one!

maths can be so pretty

London Roads by Jacqui Bradburn for Greece, Olympics - sadly a bit blurry

A green and pleasant land by Patricia Webb for Belarus, Paralympics - My favourite
We had a great time, walking around looking at all the amazing work and buying lots of nice things. We both *really* liked the textile art by Gilda Baron. We couldn't take any pics, but here is an example of her work.

Country Garden courtesy of Gilda Baron

Sadly the pic does not do her art justice. We like her so much, that I'm thinking of doing her course.

I wanted to take some pics of all the yarn and notions I bought, but DH took it all to our storage unit :( However, from what I can remember:
I thought I was being good packing the yarn away, but now I want to start a new project. But is probably a good thing as it means I'm more likely to finish the projects I have started already. 

Finally I should mention the knitted village - very cute. More pics:

Second Prize, I think it should have been 1st prize

First Prize

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Dangers of Convalescing

Where did the past six months go? DH and I have been doing some major redecorating....
  • New uPVC double-glazed windows fitted - thanks to DH and FIL
  • The entire flat was repainted whilst we were in MRU- thanks to Kevin et al
  • Bathroom made good - thanks to DH, Scott, Kevin et al
  • New curtains hung - thanks to DH
  • New washing m/c fitted after a couple of blips - thanks to DH and FIL
To achieve all this, a major chunk of our belongings have been put into storage. This means almost all of my stash is in storage, which has given me the chance to focus on just a couple of projects. This year's resolution was to complete the projects I have kept in the flat before starting any new ones.... I started so well.

I completed DH's chunky cable cardigan.

hello cheeky

And a couple of mini projects

Longer Marian


Land Girl WIP
Close up of Land Girl


 With Mothering Sunday nearly upon us, I started the shawl for MOB - luckily this was already in the stash at home, so more progress has been made.

Unfortunately, I caught a chest infection that developed into pneumonia. I was hospitalised for a few days and have been convalescing ever since. So whilst I progressed with Land Girl in hospital, I  spent far too much time internet shopping whilst recuperating.... and I bought a lot of yarn for a number of projects. My Ravelry queue is now HUUUGE! So here are some of newest projects for the top of the queue:
  • Slipper soles - slippers/boots for myself and DH
  • Aran yarn for an afghan style blanket
  • Debbie Abrahams Mystery Blanket Club
  • Upper Cut dress by Geilsk
  • Spring form cardigan by Geilsk
  • Cupcake tea cosy by Laughing Hens
Today, I went to JJ Wool and Crafts in Chingford, to buy more yarn - for Baby Smith, who was born yesterday :)

So looks like I'll be busy over the coming months!