Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Dangers of Convalescing

Where did the past six months go? DH and I have been doing some major redecorating....
  • New uPVC double-glazed windows fitted - thanks to DH and FIL
  • The entire flat was repainted whilst we were in MRU- thanks to Kevin et al
  • Bathroom made good - thanks to DH, Scott, Kevin et al
  • New curtains hung - thanks to DH
  • New washing m/c fitted after a couple of blips - thanks to DH and FIL
To achieve all this, a major chunk of our belongings have been put into storage. This means almost all of my stash is in storage, which has given me the chance to focus on just a couple of projects. This year's resolution was to complete the projects I have kept in the flat before starting any new ones.... I started so well.

I completed DH's chunky cable cardigan.

hello cheeky

And a couple of mini projects

Longer Marian


Land Girl WIP
Close up of Land Girl


 With Mothering Sunday nearly upon us, I started the shawl for MOB - luckily this was already in the stash at home, so more progress has been made.

Unfortunately, I caught a chest infection that developed into pneumonia. I was hospitalised for a few days and have been convalescing ever since. So whilst I progressed with Land Girl in hospital, I  spent far too much time internet shopping whilst recuperating.... and I bought a lot of yarn for a number of projects. My Ravelry queue is now HUUUGE! So here are some of newest projects for the top of the queue:
  • Slipper soles - slippers/boots for myself and DH
  • Aran yarn for an afghan style blanket
  • Debbie Abrahams Mystery Blanket Club
  • Upper Cut dress by Geilsk
  • Spring form cardigan by Geilsk
  • Cupcake tea cosy by Laughing Hens
Today, I went to JJ Wool and Crafts in Chingford, to buy more yarn - for Baby Smith, who was born yesterday :)

So looks like I'll be busy over the coming months!

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