Saturday, 21 April 2012

Cookies and Painted Swirls

Last night, after coming back from the pub, I decided to bake some choc nut cookies. I didn't have a large enough tray, so the cookies spread into the corners of my tray and into each other. Whilst they look a bit wonky, they taste scrummy.

The recipe calls for 1 egg plus 1 yolk. In my drunkeness, I separated the white into my mixing bowl :( So I ended up putting 2 eggs into the dough. I'll definitely use this recipe again, but will attempt it with 1 egg and 1yolk, not 2 eggs!

--- o0o ---

Today I decided to try a new technique called Swirl. Using a bowl of water, a stylus and three varnishes, I painted my nails with some fun swirls. This technique has great effects, but is quite messy.

Barry M Yellow, Nails Inc Shoreditch and Seven Dials 
I worked on my right hand first, the swirls are quite subtle. It wasn't easy taking pics with one hand of the other hand using a camera phone, but managed to take some pics.

As I got more confident with technique, the swirls became more vibrant; so the colour on my left hand is bolder.

When I finished, I went to collect the post and some new varnishes had arrived :)
China Glaze Electric Beat, Seche Vite, China Glaze Grape Pop
I think I will try the swirl technique again with these two colours, perhaps after I've applied a base colour first.

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