Friday, 13 April 2012

Guarding Bum Fodder and Wall Paint

March 2012 FOs

I completed a few projects this past month :)

April 2012 WIPs

Saving the Wall Paint
I've been trying to think of a way to stop my favourite clock, which has a raw edged metal frame, from scratching the wall paint in the living room. I first thought about using bubble wrap or something similar, but ended up glueing some scrap ywarn (Rowan Big Wool) to the frame.


can barely see the yarn from this angle
but you can see it from the side
It's working, but it's not the pretty; so I'm going to knit a cover for the frame.

Bender the first Guardian of the Bum Fodder
I've also recently been working on a toilet roll cover based on the robot Bender from Futurama:

I was not too keen on this at first, as there is a lot of sewing involved, but he's coming along nicely. More notes on him can be found here.
Bender in progress
Debbie Abrahams Mystery Blanket 2012
This is progressing nicely, but I've not taken any pics as yet. Unfortunately I'm still 2 months behind, as I joined in March, but the project started in January. TBH, I think I'll always be 2 mths behind, as I have other projects on the go. Nemmind!

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