Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Nail Pattern Boldness Mani

Hello! I'm back after a hiatus - my poor hands have been suffering from the bad weather, so haven't looked too photogenic. However, I painted this mani on Monday and used this mani to test out the Nail Pattern Boldness basics that I'd recently bought in my search for a hydrating base coat, easy glitter removal and non-shrinking fast dry top coat. So I thought I'd share my findings.

Base: Digital Hydration
Colour: 2 coats of Inner Beauty is for Amateurs by Nail Pattern Boldness. Very gritty finish.
Top: Glitter Food (my all time favourite for glitters) and Digital Flash
If I'd known about IBIFA's grittyness before starting the mani, I'd have used the same method as I did for the accent nail. In the end I put GF over the TC, then another coat of TC - hence thickness. I'm a wee bit disappointed that the micro flecks do not show on my nails as well as they do in the bottle - maybe a good shake up is required before application? - but it's still very pretty on. The formula is great to work with and this is a gorgeous polish.

Accent Nail
Base: Glitter A-peel
Colour: 2 coats of The Saga by Pretty and Polished
Top: GF + DH
The Saga is cute, but a bit of fishing and placement required. As with most white jellies, this was not opaque. I didn't want to add another coat as the glitters would have been obscured, but you can see my VNL. I would use a white undie next time.

So far I'm liking Digital Flash - it's certainly a competitor for SV in terms of fast drying and finish. I haven't experienced shrinkage with this mani. More testing required!

Inevitably I've had to make a couple of repairs and will probably take it off tonight. I'm looking forward to seeing how Glitter A-peel works :)

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