I use a number of wedding and craft abbreviations. Here's what they mean:
WIP Work In Progress
FO Finished Object
Frogging What sound do frogs make? "Rip it, rip it"... so knitters use the term frogging when they have to undo or 'rip' rows from their WIP as they've found a mistake. More info here.
H2B Husband to Be
B2B Bride to Be
BM Bridesmaid
CB Chief Bridesmaid
MoB Mother of Bride
FoB Father of Bride
MoG Mother of Groom
MiL2B Mother-in-Law to Be
FiL2B Father-in-Law to Be
PIL2B Parents-in-law to Be
SIL2B Sister-in-law to Be
Wedsite Website with Wedding content
flash A brief view/pic of an item